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Donald Trump - 3rd Debate Word Cloud

Hillary Clinton - 3rd Debate Word Cloud

Quick Insights - Donald Trump's Speech

  • In the first two debates, Donald Trump primarily spoke about inner cities and their lack of development. In the third debate, he spoke about renegotiation of trade deals.
  • In the second debate, Donald Trump’s main discussion included the words associated with inner cities, locker room, energy companies, getting subpoena, bad judgment

Hillary and Donald - Sentiment Analysis

Quick Insights - Hillary Clinton's Speech

Hillary Clinton stressed more on new jobs, criminal justice system and the middle class in the first debate

  • The phrase ‘Criminal justice’ was primarily associated with ‘African American’ and ‘Latin American’ people, which in turn was associated with the discussion related to ‘gun violence’ and ‘law and order’
  • The words ‘middle class’ was primarily associated with boosting the economy, inclusive growth, making college debt free and taxing the rich among other things

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