Innovating reliable text analytics eNGINES TO HANDLE UNSTRUCTURED DATA

Exponentia Text Analytics Labs

Exponentia Text Analytics Labs continuously researches algorithms that make text analytics more reliable so that they could be used for workflow management in industries which have huge unstructured text data. We have our own proprietary algorithms for sentiment analysis, text classification, pattern detection and response generation.

Customer feedback analytics

Smart companies innovate using customer feedback making it extremely important to measure and track it. However, organizations struggle to manage huge volumes of textual data and as a result, have separate teams managing this data as an independent business unit. Exponentia DataLabs employs intelligent systems which track, analyse & handle customer feedback, in turn improving customer service.

Social listening and analytics

In a world where every customer has a public voice, organizations are facing additional challenge to manage their brand/ product/ service perception. Our solutions track multiple social media sources for negative feedbacks, alerts the relevant business teams and enables them to respond at the earliest before the snowballs into a PR crisis.


There is a huge gap between what customers ask for and what they actually want, but what they want is just a subset of what they need. The key to drive customer delight is to understand customer needs even before they are aware of it. This is where we can assist you to identify and implement different tools and techniques specific to your business to cater to your customers well.

Product Innovation from Customer FeEdback

Best product ideas come from customer complaints. Our research shows that the customers use products/services with certain expectations that are built by the marketing campaigns. This gap between expectations vs what product or service gives reflects the unmet needs of the customers. Smart companies identify this as an opportunity either for new product development or for enhancement of an existing product. Exponentia DataLabs assists organisations to identify & implement such product ideas.