Payment gateway business should work with most profitable merchants. We all know that. But, how do we find and know:

  • Which one is the right and profitable merchant?
  • Which merchant is showing a great promise and potential?
  • How do they sign up with the right merchant with a continuous customer inflow?

Well, the answer is within your data. Payment gateways have data worth millions of records in a totally unstructured format. For some it can be a heap of worthless data. But, for smarter ones, that the key to unlock the business value and growth.

Merchant Marketing Analytics with its data structures, analytics engine and technology connectors can effortlessly tell you which merchant or merchant category is the most profitable for your business and helps you focus on the right ones.

Merchant Marketing Analytics answers all the unanswered questions and helps you with insights that can put your business on a super-fast lane. With Merchant Marketing Analytics you can identify and know:

  • Merchant categories where online transactions are growing fast
  • Hidden gems. Know the existing merchants which are large but the payment gateway has a small share of checkout
  • Look alike merchants. Similar merchant analysis to know and target with same value proposition
  • Cyclical or seasonal merchants. Right account management strategy at the right time
  • Who are you competing against. Analyse competition across categories/ merchants

That’s the way to find the right merchants for your business and grow faster.

Happy to hear your thoughts.