Data Warehousing

Unleash every bit of data to uncover pathbreaking insights

Companies are going bust as they are not able to keep up with the rapidly changing volume, variety and velocity of data. Every bit of data has a potential to uncover groundbreaking insights – something organizations can’t afford to miss out on in a competitive world we are living in.

Exponentia has a rich experience in delivering big data solutions right from conceptualizing the data management architecture to building a cutting edge customized solution for the organizations with gigabytes of data generated every day in structured as well as unstructured form. We enable the organizations to become a leader in the data driven decision-making by offering full spectrum of data services across data consulting, support and management. With expertise in leading products in the big data space like Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra etc., our experts work closely with the office of the CIO to identify the right technology platform that best suits the organizations’ goals and existing technology architecture.

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