15% Increase in the Customer Support Agent Productivity

The Challenge

The client is a leading provider of consumer loans. They have over 5 million consumers with the daily support volumes of over a 1000 mails. Their key challenges were:


  • High time consumption due to manual reading and allocation of emails
  • Inconsistency in manual email allocations
  • High average turn around time
  • Lower percentage of first contact resolution & higher average number of Interactions
  • No audit trail of emails

The Solution

Cingulariti’s Email Management Platform sits on the mail server(s), reads the customer emails, understands the content, categorizes the emails using different machine learning algorithms and NLP into pre-defined categories and then allocates them to the relevant agent’s queue to be handled. A complete audit trail was maintained for each mail that entered the system. No manual intervention is required in the entire process due to which agent productivity improved significantly. The organisation was able to understand the underlying issues by analysing of customer emails thereby enabling them to address those issues. This helped the organisation to design the right support services workflows, triggers, alerts, etc. helping the agents offer better customer support.


Increase in agent productivity

Reduced average turnaround time in just a month


Increase in first contact resolutions


Reduction in average number of interactions

All these benefits were delivered within the first month of engagement. Our recommendations, backed by the analytics engine, helped agents come up with fast and accurate resolution steps thereby significantly improving the customer experience.