Sales Force Optimization with Analytics

The Challenge

The client is a large pharmaceutical company with pan India presence for more than 40 years. The company has been ranked among the top Indian bio pharmaceuticals companies with product portfolio comprising of more than 25 brands.

The company’s technology infrastructure didn’t catch up with sales growth leading to data management getting out of hands for its employees. Sales details were recorded in the ERP system but the target setting was done in independent excel sheets which made it difficult for management to map the achievements with the actual sales. Besides, the target setting didn’t consider socio-economic factors of respective territories to identify the right potential of sales at the drug level and then set the targets.

Although the company had a strong presence in almost all the major cities in India, there were instances where few high potential drugs didn’t receive the coverage from the Stockist. The company also witnessed high attrition of stockists where relationship lasted for only 2-6 months.

The Solution

Exponentia executed a pilot program for the client to understand the core issue and recommend a scalable solution that will help the company in a long run. We put all the scattered data in a structured manner from the data management and business discovery platforms. This allowed the company to build strong sales intelligence with very rich, informative and accurate data. Our experts developed a streamlined process of data management / integration, business discovery and advanced analytics models to rationalize the decision making process.

The models developed for identifying sales potential covered socio economic factors of individual territories along with company specific idiosyncrasies that affected sales. The sales model integration with the data discovery platform meant that the model output remained dynamic and accommodated the changes in the market conditions. The business discovery platform hosted and integrated the data from ERP and independent Excel spreadsheets to offer a single window view of all the operations with an option to slice and dice data as per user requirements.


Structured sales data


Resource balancing to non-performing drugs


QoQ sales growth


Visibility into future sales

Our solution helped the client with a streamlined way of identifying the right drug mix for each territory. Based on the first set of output from the model, the company changed its sales mix by 25% towards the drugs which were earlier ignored. This helped them achieve 10% incremental Q-o-Q growth in sales. The business discovery platform allowed management to stay on top of all the trends like finding correlation between sponsorship spends and sales increment at territory and drug level, doctor coverage at individual sales executive level and Stockist buying behavior.

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