Analytics for Financial Services Leader

The Challenge

The client is a leading ATM Outsourcing company. They effectively deploy ATM for retail and financial institutions. They were mandated by banks to deploy large number of ATM’s across varied locations within a short time frame. Given the volume of ATMs and the complexities of the business, the client was looking for a solution which could help them in areas, such as ATM performance management, SLA Management and Vendor Management. They wanted help in organizing massive amount of information coming from the ATM network, integrating it with other systems and providing an organization wide platform for operational performance management. Additionally, the client wanted integration of financial data to revisit the ATM level breakeven values and the ATM wise profitability was required to maximize the organization’s ROI.

The Solution

Exponentia DataLabs collected, validated and integrated data sets (system generated, bank reports and user generated) and modeled the analytics data warehouse to cater the organizations information and analytics requirements.


The processes required for data standardization, integration and security with integrated with the client’s existing systems. Exponentia’s analytics services and hosted data discovery platform. Exponentia with its highly qualified team designed best analytical service and hosted data discovery platform which helped the following :

  • Enabled the business users to generate insights, identify poor performing ATM’s and manage the vendors
  • Timely dashboard, reports and alerts help the management team monitor the KPIs and make informed decisions.
  • SLA management ensures low penalty rates for the client and efficient vendor management

The solution enabled cost efficiency and improved ROI for the client through hosted data discovery platform, analytics and reporting Hosted Solution for data discovery and analysis.

Solution Architecture – Hosted Data Recovery and Analytics Platform

Dashboard reports and alerts


Insights and pattern identification


Scenario analysis. What if?


Data cleansing, integration and modeling

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