15% Increase in the Customer Support Agent Productivity

The Challenge

The client is a leading provider of consumer loans. They have over 5 million consumers with the daily support volumes of over 1000, just through emails. Their key challenges were:

  • Increase the effeciency in manual call allocations
  • Reduce the average turnaround time from 4 to 2 days
  • Improve the first call resolution from 25% to 35% (industry standard)
  • Reduce the average number of Interactions on a case from 2.3 to 1.7

The Solution

Exponentia used its analytics platform – ExpoText to improve the agent productivity, the call resolution rate and as a result the customer experience. The agent productivity improves significantly if the agent is able to predict the customer issue and has the best likely resolution handy. Our Analytics engine studied the history of customer issues and gave them a structure with appropriate tagging. This helped us to design the right support services workflows, triggers, alerts, etc. The workflow and the analytics empowered agents with best likely resolutions for various consumer loan issues, such as customer on boarding, detail updation, EMI and NOC related issues.


Increase in agent productivity

Reduced average turnaround time in just a month


Increase in first call resolutions


Reduction in average number of interactions

All these benefits were delivered within the first month of the engagement. Our recommendations, backed by the analytics engine, helped agents come up with fast and accurate resolution steps there by significantly improving the customer experience.

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